Lamb Recipes We Love

I might be biased but it’s hard to beat our grass-fed lamb – it’s deliciously mild with a melt in your mouth texture that’s spoiled me for all other lamb. We can barely keep it in stock so whenever it’s back I get excited, for our customers and us too! Since lamb is back in stock (but going quickly!) I’m sharing some of my favorite family-friendly lamb recipes, all featuring cuts available now in the store.

Simple Lamb Rag├╣ from Delish

Photo by Parker Feierbach

Add some flair to your next pasta night with this super tender ground lamb meat sauce that’s worth making in multiple batches.

Garlic-Crusted Roast Rack of Lamb from Food&Wine

Photo by Cara Cormack

This rack of lamb recipe is easy to make and easy to enjoy thanks to the flavorful mixture of garlic, rosemary and olive oil in the rub.

Lamb Stew from Spend with Pennies

Photo by Holly Nilsson

Who says stew has to be made with beef? This version with lamb stew meat is rich and hearty, making it perfect for cold winter nights.

Lamb-Bacon Burgers with Spicy Aioli

Photo by Alex Lau

You can’t go wrong with burgers, especially when you grind up bacon and ground lamb together and top with an unctious spicy aioli.

Easy Sticky Lamb Ribs from Simply Delicious

Photo by Alida Ryder

Dare you to eat just one of these addicting sweet and spicy lamb ribs. Make a bunch for a meal or serve as appetizers at your next party!

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