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Ryan’s grandparents were Roy Widen and Esther Nordin (Nor-Deen). Their homestead sat on Widnor (Wid-Nor) Drive, where his aunt, uncles and father spent their days milking cows, tending to the livestock and getting into all sorts of trouble.  As we were closing on the farm, I had a sign made that said “Widen Family Farm” and while Ryan was excited, he looked at me with sincerity and asked if instead, we could call our slice of heaven Widnor Farms. Both of us grew up with a strong foundation by our grandparents, who happened to have been life long friends. It seemed fitting to give the farm the name Ryan held so close. And, so, Widnor Farms was born.

Our story unfolds in the most unlikely of ways. I'm Brianna, the storyteller around here. I'm the voice behind our IG squares & all the musings here online. Weaving our story into words is a great joy in my life. So, let's start from the beginning.
Ryan grew up on a cul-de-sac in the suburbs of a mid sized town. I, Brianna, grew up on a dead end street of a tiny tourist town but rode her horses on her grandparents farm every chance I got. Neither of us were raised on a farm but both of us were drawn to a lifestyle of self sufficiency. We are hard workers and while it wasn't possible to jump in right away, we knew good things were worth working for. For years, we saved, prayed, worked and learned. God stepped in big to make it happen but in 2017, the farm you've come to know was officially ours.

From asphalt to gravel, from neighborhoods to pastures; we traded suburban sidewalks for real ranch life.

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Our family takes pride in the livestock we raise here on the farm. Learn more about the breeds we choose and the methods we use to bring meat to your tables by clicking below.

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