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We've spent time gathering all of our favorite homesteading tips into one place. From equipment we prefer to tricks for raising livestock, you'll find it here.


Brianna has documented daily life on the farm including recipes, homeschooling and more.

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Learn more about our livestock & how we raise them, how the farm came to be and what's available in the farm store.

Our farm

We are first generation ranchers and raise our livestock alongside our 3 wildly wonderful children, Levi, Gracie and Dean. Our family moved to our original homestead in 2017, starting a farm from scratch on bare ground. In 2022, we relocated to our current ranch, giving us the ability to grow and expand our operation to serve more of our community. We were naive dreamers but, we knew that if anyone could bring this vision to life, it was us.

We believe in bridging the gap between farm and consumer and hold that responsibility with the deepest regard for transparency. That passion turned into a ranch that raises the finest dry aged beef, forest raised pork, pastured poultry and heritage lamb. At the top of our priority list not only the health of our livestock but your health and understanding of our operations, too.

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