Welcome to Widnor Meats

We are a small craft butchery focused on high quality & low stress processing.

Now booking poultry only for July- October 2024.

USDA services not currently available for Co-Packing. WSDA only.

Located at: 1858 W Badger Road Custer, Wa 98240


Whole birds are shrink wrapped, weighed and labeled.

Available for pickup between 5-6PM the same day.

All payments must be made by cash or check to: Widnor Meats and paid upon pickup

Credit Card Processing available for a 3% fee


$6/ meat chicken

$5/ meat chicken for 250 birds

$2/bird for giblets and feet packaged separately

$3.50 for cut ups (only available for farms booking 100+ birds)

$8/ bird for roosters and layer breeds

Turkeys: $1.20/pound

to schedule email: office@widnorfarms.com

Please read before booking:

Due to staff scheduling & equipment costs, there is a $300 minimum per farm, which is 50 birds. The minimum will be applied to any farm booking less than 50 birds.

Turkeys over 40 pounds live weight will not be accepted due to wear and tear on our equipment

Birds must be delivered to the farm by 7:30 am in proper poultry crates. There will be no acceptance of birds in trailers or dog crates. You’re welcome to rent the crates we have here.

All birds must be picked up between 5-6PM and payment is required at that time.

Cancellations under 14 days prior to reserved date will be charged 50% of the reservation. This is non negotiable & covers the cost of the lost work for our staff members.

Poultry crates available for $3 rental fee/crate that covers the cleaning/sanitizing of the crates. $25 refundable deposit required to cover the cost of any damage.

$30 NSF fee will be added to all returned checks.

All birds processed in our facility may be legally sold to the public fresh or frozen within Washington State.