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Most grocery stores have all their beef roasts just labeled….”beef roast”. So, when a customer comes to our Ranch Store or sees our options online, it can feel a bit overwhelming! A top clod shoulder roast has a thicker strip of fat that can often be intimidating to budding chefs. That fat, though, just adds […]

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After a lot of mistakes and frustration on our part, we decided to revamp our box return program and are grateful for those who continue to help us recycle our custom shipping liners. This decision didn’t come lightly but, I have come to realize my limits and think this will help a lot. Your continual […]

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This week, we had the pleasure of sending a box of meats to our friend, Katy, over at @mydailydelish! Her recipes are top notch and if you know me, I like simple. Katy smashes this part out of the park and her recipes over on her blog are some of the best we’ve tried. This […]

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