Box Return Program

After a lot of mistakes and frustration on our part, we decided to revamp our box return program and are grateful for those who continue to help us recycle our custom shipping liners. This decision didn’t come lightly but, I have come to realize my limits and think this will help a lot. Your continual grace as we have navigated shipping has been something I don’t think other retailers experience. This community is one in a million and we’re so grateful!

As a two man show (with 3 littles in tow) we used to keep a spreadsheet of all the people who returned boxes each week and send them each a personalized code to use on their next purchase. However, we continually had issues with either USPS covering the names or simply not having names on them in the first place and boxes that would end up broken down and stored before we had the chance to catalog the information.

We also struggled with the website side of things. Our system is robust but creating and managing hundreds of discount codes has made for further complications.

It has been clear in the last 3 months that our box return program wasn’t working and that we needed to make a big change.

So, we’re employing an honor system.

If we had any other customer base, I don’t think this would work. But, we have the most loyal, kind and honest community that shops with us and we want to extend the trust you have in us, to you.

If you have returned a box in the last year and haven’t gotten a discount code back, please let me know. I would be happy to send you one and make this right. My email is

From now on, we are moving to a 10 boxes returned and get $100 in free meat on your next order. Keep track of how many boxes you send us back and when you’ve sent 10, we will add your freebies to your next purchase. Your free product will also align with your previous purchases so don’t worry! We wont be sending you a box of lamb when you’ve only ever ordered beef!

Over the course of the coming months, you will also see us phase to a new packaging. Our boxes will be a bit different and we are adding a new liner that is even more environmentally friendly.

We hope this helps with this step in streamlining our processes further. We are continually grateful for your help in us creating a program that is mutually beneficial.

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