Rosie Farrows Again

We have been excitedly waiting the arrival of Rosies new piglets. If you don’t know Rosie, she is Levi’s sweet sow; a pig he raised from the time she was 8 weeks old. Rosie was bred to our Gloucestershire Old Spot/Duroc boar, Hank the Tank and her piglets are a cross of GOS/ Duroc and Berkshire. These color genetic combinations yield some wild coloring, spots and patterns.

Levi is excited. Carefully tending to momma each day with goodies from the kitchen, milk from Petunia and feed from our grain bins. He’s been watering her and keeping his distance, knowing she’s going to do her best with the least disruptions.

Here is a video of a few of the piglets being born. Levi is a proud “grandpa” and of course, we’re excited for another batch of healthy piglets on the farm.

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