Returning Your Box to Widnor Farms

Thank you for helping us reduce waste and keep our shipping costs down!

When you’ve returned 10 boxes, email us and we’ll send you $100 worth of meat in your next box!

Our liners are custom made and we would love to continue to reuse the one you have received. Below are instructions to mail it back.

US postal service can return boxes via “media mail rate” for $3-$5 (or $6-7 for priority mail) with a used book inside that our kids donate to our local library.

How to ship it back media mail rate?

*Put a book in the box (Just a book, pleas! Gifts do not qualify), close the tabs, cover the perishable stickers and it’s ready to return!

*Add the appropriate postage in stamps or mail at the post office.

2 pounds: $3.09 (small box 18x 12 inches with light book)

3 pounds: $3.57 (small box 18×12 inches with medium-heavier book)

4 pounds: $4.05 (medium box 24×18 inches with light book)

5 pounds: $4.53 (large box 30×17 with medium-heavier book)

*Drop off at any post office

Please mail to: 1858 W Badger Road Custer, Wa 98240

We are so grateful to receive these boxes back! They help us continue to ship our products & keep our shipping costs down as much as possible!

Be sure to email us when you’ve shipped back 10 boxes. We use the honor system here at the Farm and love that we can trust our customers to keep track!

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