Chicken 2021 Season

It is with great sadness that we share the news that our chicken processor is closing his doors. While we originally thought it would be after our 2021 season, circumstances have changed and we are facing the end of our chicken season a few months early.

Sadly, we can produce the most amazing, humanely raised, organically fed, pastured chicken but without a licensed processor, we are left without the ability to create and sell the final product. While we are still able to produce the best pork, beef and lamb through our red meat processors, this means an end to our seasonal chicken for 2021.

There is a major local food access crisis right now on a national level. Small processors are folding at an alarming rate and are a vital piece of the food production chain- particularly at the local level. Not having control of this part leaves us at the mercy of the processor and decisions like this effect the farms that relied on them. Selling chicken in Washington state requires a licensed facility, something we can’t just put together in a few weeks to recoup the rest of our 2021 season. This facility was one of only 2 serving small farms north of Snohomish County.

We are wanting you to be aware simply because this means that we were only able to produce less than half of our inventory of chicken for the year. We are devastated to say the least but we are confident that we will come back with a solution for 2022 that is even better than before.

Please know this means our chicken inventory is gone when it sells out. We will be restocking our chicken once in June with the chickens currently on the pastures but will NOT continue to raise any more in 2021. We know how much local, pasture raised chicken means to you and want you, as our friends of the farm email list, to have first choice at our remaining inventory.

Transparency is our goal as we navigate these hurdles and will keep you abreast of any changes that might arise after this hard announcement.

  1. Tina Beamer says:

    Hello guys. I just seen this notice.
    It’s the very reason I started to buy from you.
    Do you have any chickens left?
    Thank you ♥️

    • Brianna Widen says:

      Yes! We have lots of inventory left. However, when its gone, its gone for 2021! Stocking up is going to be your best bet. We have plans for 2022 so we will continue to raise chickens, it just put a dent in our 2021 season. 🙁

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