2021 Pricing Changes

We could have raised our prices and gone on like nothing happened but transparency has always been our goal here. Raising prices would be no different and deserved an explination.

2021 has brought an influx of new costs that farmers across the board are seeing.

Fuel: Rising fuel costs have significantly effected our bottom line thus far. From tractor work to hauling livestock to picking up supplies and the drive to and from our processors, it all adds up. Pair that with the rising costs of fuel for our feed growers and now we’re also paying more to feed everyone. Much of our delivery costs have risen as well so day to day materials we use to raise our livestock and get it to your doorstep has come with a price increase.

Feed Costs: Our feed costs have gone up 30% in the last 3 months. Sadly, this increase in production costs mean we must raise our prices as we cannot afford to absorb this kind of a hit.

Processor Costs: One of our processors, in order to pay fair wages to his employees, has had to increase his prices and remove the bulk discount we once got. The effect on our margins is enough that we needed to make up for the loss in raising the cost of the final packaged meat product.

Labor Costs: As the cost of doing business goes up, so does the cost of keeping good employees. We love our team members and contractors like family and paying a living wage is important to us.

We know shopping from a small family farm can already be more expensive than going to a convenience store. Small farms like ours aren’t eligible for government subsidy or federal price insurance programs so we cannot afford to sell for less than the product takes to produce. Sadly, this means we must pass on our increase cost of production into our prices. It has been a hard pill to swallow as we move into the summer months of our busiest year yet but we have hope that the value we provide in the quality of our products is something you’ll continue to see and want for your family.

It is an honor to feed you and we cannot wait to see you again.

  1. Gina Bingham says:

    The quality is beyond what the stores produce. It tastes and just “feels” healthier in your mouth, and system. Reminds of my grandfather’s farm raised pork and beef when I was a girl, 50 years ago. We can’t order often with the cost of shipping, just my husband and I now, but we know where to treat ourselves when we do! Keep going! You’re doing all the right things!!

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