Farm School 2022-2023 Changes

After a year of learning, growing and finding places where I can improve, I made the decision to completely restructure Farm School this year! Over and over, the requests poured after the year was over with a preference to do more hands on and less “formal” style. And I think, as parents, you’re really going to love it now, too.

Here’s a few of the changes:

SESSIONS: We’re breaking the course into 3 different sessions to better structure our lessons this year. This kind of block scheduling really helps for those in sports, traveling and more. Sessions will be Fall, Winter and Spring with a summer camp in 2023.

Fall: September, October, November

Winter: December, January, February

Spring: March, April, May

Summer Camp: TBD 2023

For each session, you will know ahead of time what we are doing for those 3 months. The biggest issue we ran into in 2021/22 is that we are used to being flexible but not everyone else is. Our schedule is constantly evolving because we care for real, live animals who dictate our schedule. And we don’t have a lot of control over it because, well, animals don’t always follow a calendar. Breaking this into session allows me to have a better grasp on details I can control, giving you a more solid idea of what will be taught in the 3 month session your kiddo is in! Planning farm life in 3 month blocks is WAY more feasible than an entire year!

COST: One time flat rate for each session vs monthly! If you notice, class cost has also been reduced a bit, too! We are hoping this new schedule helps those that have time conflicts throughout the year, too! 

CURRICULUM: I went back to the drawing board and shifted gears a little here. How could I offer the educational part but still keep the kids really excited AND manage to fit it all into an hour? Well, I simply couldn’t. There are too many questions, interruptions and distractions to really make it happen in the time I had carved out for Farm School (which is totally normal when you gather kids together!). So………We’ve Gone Virtual, Too! Don’t worry, our in person classes are staying! What does this mean for you and your kids? It means that your kiddo will have access to a prerecorded virtual lesson (usually 30ish minutes). This gives us more time when they’re here on the farm to do actual farm stuff which is what I always felt was missing! Also always, your kids will have access to our Farm Club Friday Instagram stories just like they have in the past, a $30 value. (Sidenote: if you haven’t used those days as additional learning tools, I highly suggest it! Kids get to see things in real time and its always family friendly. In early July, I shared the entire birth of Rosies last litter, I dove deep into Petunia’s mastitis and treatment as well as information about antibiotic use in milk production. Sometimes I post recipes, too so its a really great resource for additional learning outside of classes.)

LOCATION: Yup! We’ve moved and so has Farm School! We have enough outbuildings and facilities here to host classes all year around. This alone has me so excited for the future of Farm School.

ANDDDDDD….Drumroll PLEASE!!!!!

ADULT FARM SCHOOL IS HERE! You heard that right! We’re opening up a specific monthly class for adults, too! The perks of virtual and in person classes are the same, bringing farm life to your life, too!

Ready to register? Join is for Farm School Fall 2022 HERE!

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