Welcoming Our First Guests to the New Ranch

To be really honest with you, up until the first guests arrived, I had this pit in my stomach that it wouldn’t be as good as it had been. We had thought of every last detail and double checked the guest list. We had poured over the menus while Chef Josh foraged for berries and walked the fields with Farmer Bob at Santucci Farm for the veggies. In typical fashion, we were a little behind the day of but there was no group I was more excited to bring here than our previous Farm to Table Dinner guests.

I realized, once people arrived, that the magic that comes from these dinners isn’t just the scenery or the farm animals, it’s us. It’s our staff who makes you feel at home, it’s our kids who welcome you with genuine smiles and helpful advice and it’s Ryan and I’s love of community that brings you together over good food, drinks and exceptional company. We didn’t just pull it off, we smashed it out of the park again.



Pickled Watermelon with Feta

Mini Beef Gyros with Cucumber Tatziki

Smoked Salmon Cakes with Lemon Dill Aioli

Main Course

Cherry Braised Lamb Shank Ragout

Lemon and Oregano Crusted Roasted Chicken

Field Greens, Pickled Beets, Cucumber, Wild Berries and a Farmhouse Vinegarette

Lemon Grilled Zucchini & Carrots

Mustard Spaetzle


German Chocolate and Summer Berry Cake Rolls

with a surprise Smores Bar

Want to enjoy dinner with us? More seats are available for August 13th and 27th right here on the ranch. Grab your tickets here!

  1. Diane says:

    An absolutely amazing experience from the enthusiastic young parking greeters to a decadent sunset dessert with Mt Baker in the background. Brianna- the most welcoming host, willingly answering all questions. Helping spread the joy is an exceptional serving staff exuding pride in being part of Widnor Farms. So much fun, not to mention the delicious meal.

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