We launched a YouTube Channel!

I dabbled with this for months. I didn’t know how it worked (like anything new) and to be honest, our slow internet kept me from pursuing it at all. Y’all, we’re talking dial up speed over here. But, after years of taking videos and documenting our days, I decided to jump all in on something that fuels the fire of my creative soul. Plus, I just love that we can bring our farm to life through documentary style video. So, welcome to “Real Farm Life” with Widnor Farms. Another place where we will share longer videos and more homesteading content from behind the scenes of the farm!

Who knows, I might be able to convince Ryan to wear a go pro for a day. 😉

Head on over to our channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoaDp9BH6ovNmoYYKJdiA7g and make sure to subscribe!

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