Processing Chicken on the Farm

This past weekend, we gathered a team of amazing humans, most of which had worked at our previous chicken processor, to bring fresh chicken to our customers. It was a labor of love, one that didn’t go without some hiccups but we worked out all the kinks and powered through! Kayla, Chris, Kristi, Logan, Kat, Levi & I created an efficient assembly line complete with quality control and the perfect vacuum seal. It was a great day!

Let me just say this, getting here has been hard. Between everything else we’ve had going on, setting aside an entire weekend to do this was hard to commit to. Setting aside the time 8 weeks in advance was felt like I was biting off way more than I could chew! Running a farm is a little overwhelming in the first place but adding in processing our own chickens during the height of our busy season, while the store is open, had me hemming and hawing over whether we should do it at all. But, we did!

We are proud to bring our customers great chicken again. It’s one of my personal favorite meats we have in our freezers and gosh does that carcass make the best tasting broth! That being said, most of our customers don’t realize how much time or hoops we’ve had to jump through to make it happen this year. Despite all of the challenges though, we did it!

The best part , for me, was getting to do this alongside my oldest son. Levi was capable and soaked in every bit of information he possibly could, making him just as helpful as any adult in the process.

We aren’t sure what 2023 will hold but we know we want to get back to raising the quantity of chicken we had in previous years. Since we were taking on our own processing this year, it was important to us to not overcommit but to do this right. And, were really grateful for the crew we had to make this happen!

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