Farm to Table Dinner on the Ranch

When we first began raising livestock, the main reason was to feed our family. We wanted to know what was in our foods, where it came from and how it was raised. From birth to butcher, we wanted to know the process and connect deeper to our food source. We raised a giant veggie garden and planted tons of extra foods, churning our own butter, making our own cheeses and enjoying entire meals grown right here on the farm. Each year, the dream to share it with others grew.

When we decided to jump all into ranching, we refused to abandon our homesteading roots. Since bridging the gap between farm and consumer has always been a huge focus of ours, it seemed a natural evolution to invite others to enjoy a meal here.

I’m a huge advocate for creating connection with our customers and what better way to showcase our quality meats than an expertly prepared dinner. I approached my childhood good friend, Josh VanHine of Simply Sound Catering, and asked if he was up for curating the ultimate foodie experience. It was obvious that he shared the same excitement for good food that we do and we immediately got to work planning the cut list for our next butchering to ensure we had some special saved cuts for our dinners. Josh went to school in NYC at the Culinary Institute of America and had recently come home after years away working in high end restaurants on the east coast. His expertise took the dinner to the next level!

Knowing my limits, I called my dear friend Alissa from Haven Illume. Alissa has been in the event planning industry for years and has designed some of the most incredible events I’ve ever seen. While I had a vision, my plate was so full that I knew in order to pull this off, I needed help. Alissa’s attention to detail was the perfect compliment to my chaotic creativity. She came with ideas, creativity and experience that helped pull the entire evening together. I am grateful for someone who brings such talent (and skill!!) to our dinner experience.

As I sat back and realized what we had pulled off, I could not begin to even imagine what this would have been like without the people who helped make it happen. Not only did we have our chef Josh here, we also had pastry chef, April and Brian, who helped setup and serve the evenings meals. Without the two of them, we would never have been able to deliver the kind of experience we were hoping our guests could enjoy. To our florist and flower farmer, Jodi from Floralie Flower Farm, THANK YOU. Your beautiful blooms helped pull the entire table together and it was simply stunning. And to Kiana of Kiana Lindsey Photography, I am so thankful that you were there to document this dreamy evening.

It’s amazing what happens when we allow ourselves the luxury of dreaming. While it took years to actually make happen, what a pleasure it has been to see that dream realized. Cheers to many more. This is just the beginning of the real farm to table experience at Widnor Farms.

Want a seat at our table? The next dinners tickets are available HERE:

  1. Kathy Barnes says:

    I got up early this morning, who knows why? But., I did and when I do it is the only time I really have to read and this morning I decided to read your blog, think about what to order in the future, and just learn more about your products. Brianna, how you do what you do is AMAZING! Raising kids, working on the farm. teaching your kids all about life, and being just YOU is what makes you special beyond being a Mom, Wife, and Daughter. You Rock!

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