Raw Milk in the Farm Store

We are constantly asked if we sell our milk. While we would love to be able to do that, state regulations do not allow us to without significant upgrades to our current infrastructure. And, honestly, it’s not economically viable for our family nor something we want to do. But, we found an amazing solution. Our sweet Petunia came from a wonderful, clean and licensed raw milk dairy that we have chosen to partner with to bring you fresh whole milk and cream!

We had always said we would never sell something we didn’t make or raise. But, this partnership is a perfect fit for you, our customers. Not only are you getting to try the same goodness we enjoy each day from our sweet girl, but we know it’s from a dairy with the highest standards out there.

And of course, here’s a video from our friends over at Dungeness Valley Creamery.

Thinking of trying it? Here are a few resources to help you decide.

More information on the health benefits of raw milk visit: REALMILK.COM

More information about the dairy our milk is coming from visit: DUNGENESSVALLEYCREAMERY.COM

Our Farm Club members to get a discount on milk! Sign up to grab yours every 7, 14 or 30 days at a 20% savings!

Read more about our Farm Club here!

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