Why we started shipping our meats…

Hyper local means a lot to us. So, it seems an oxymoron that we offer shipping, right? This has always been heavy on my mind and it took a lot of time to weigh the pros and cons of how this was going to fit into our philosophy of shopping local.

Farming and ranching is time consuming. It takes every moment of everyday to produce the food we do. We knew we were going to have to work outside of the box for several reasons.

ranch kids helping to ship our meats

1 . We didn’t have time to be making deliveries. Ranch life is extremely demanding and we know that our time is really valuable. It was worth it to us to ship a box to nearby cities than it was to deliver it ourselves. It was also more cost effective to invest in shipping materials than an employee to make deliveries for us. Logistically, we would also have to invest in the equipment necessary to transport perishable items. This means refrigerator transport and again, shipping materials was going to be an easier, smaller investment and would reach much more people than a farm run delivery truck could.

2. We could reach a larger market. When working with perishables, there is urgency. We couldn’t expand our processing numbers without expanding our reach as well. But, like I said above, we couldn’t afford the time to deliver let alone deliver even farther from the ranch. One of the fastest ways to increase our reach though was to increase the distance we could sell in. And, shipping allowed us to do just that!

3. Time also restricted our ability to partake in farmers markets. Having our meats and products at any of the local farmers markets meant that we had to invest one day/ week for the entire season to that market. If not two simply to prep for market day. It was too much time spent away from the farm to justify. We knew that when going to markets, our face was who you wanted to see and hear from. We simply could not see the benefits of sending an employee to man those stands either.

We love when our boxes arrive on your doorstep. It means a lot that you would choose to put your faith in our family providing for yours! Be sure to tag us in your stories when you open them!

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