Home raised & home made butter.

There is nothing quite like whipping up a batch of butter. Whatever cooking you’re doing, homemade butter takes it to the next level. And, it’s sure to wow anyone. This lost art is a must for every homesteader.

Churning butter is a favorite in our kitchen. It’s a weekly task, giving rise to the most coveted cooking oil in our household. (Lard takes a close second though!)

We get a lot of cream here. In the summertime, as her butterfat content increases, from the natural increase of fresh grasses, we get the most rich, bright yellow butter that is highly prized in our home.

Making butter is one of the most simple things you could do in your kitchen.

We always let our whole milk sit for 24-48 hours when skimming the cream by hand. This gives us a solid cream line that is easy to work with and see.

It’s not hard to take this a step farther and get down to the real good stuff!

Skim the Cream. Whip until it separates into butter and buttermilk. Strain. Rinse with ice cold water until it runs clear and then press all the water out!

It’s really THAT simple. Now, owning and milking the cow is a whole other topic we can dive into later but for now, happy churning!

  1. Susan Markillie says:

    Do you sell butter, milk, cheese eggs?

    • Brianna Widen says:

      We sell eggs and raw milk from Dungeness Vally Raw Creamery- the same amazing raw dairy our cow came from. However, we do not sell cheeses at this time.

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