Our Farm to Your Table: Our Chef Prepared Meals

For years, I’ve been searching for the right partnership to bring not just our meats but complete meals to your table. We’ve been fortunate to have the best customers on the planet (not kidding, y’all have become like family) but what I began to notice is that we were missing an entire demographic of people who didn’t enjoy spending a lot of time in the kitchen or simply didn’t have the time for home cooking every night. I would meet people in the store that would buy one or two pounds of ground beef or some chicken breast and be honest with an, “I’d love to buy local but I just don’t cook all that much.”

In 2023, I found Skagit Table on Instagram. If you know me, I’m from a little town in LaConner in Skagit County. Not only did it make my heart sing to see this company pop up down there but, they upheld every single ingredient standard our family believes in: free of seed oils, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, soy free & also offer gluten free dishes that were DELISH. The best part, the owner, Courtney, works really hard to source ingredients as local as she possibly can. Often times, this means partnering with other local farms just like ours to create her magic. Seeing te names of other farms I have admired

The other conundrum I was facing? As I got busier caring for the livestock here, I was falling behind in my own cooking. What once was the highlight of my day and culmination of all of our hard work, was now a “hurry up and eat because we don’t have time” situation. While the majority of our food was right from our own farm and kitchen, I found myself reaching for something quick and easy once or twice a week and it was adding up. I kept scratching my head as the very foundation that I built this business on was cracking on a personal level. I knew that a line of healthy prepared foods wouldn’t just serve others, it would also serve me and my family for evenings when we just needed something quick and healthy.

So, I did what anyone would do, right? I begged her to take on the challenge of figuring out a way to bring our proteins ready to eat to your table AND mine! And, boy has Courtney and her crew delivered. When I got sick this spring (I had the influenza and food poisoning within weeks of each other), I was so grateful for quick and easy options that also fueled my body.

We will be expanding this menu with ever revolving options as we go, bringing you the best of the best that the PNW has to offer. My goal has always been to not just share proteins with you, but to share real health and get back to eating real foods.

From cooking basics like broth to fun comfort meals like (my personal fave) shephard’s pie or chicken pot pie, we are excited to bring you and your family exceptional & healthy alternatives to the grab and go / fast food on the market right now. The best part? We can ship them alongside our meats each week from right here on the ranch.

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