Indigo Dying at Farm School

I have loved these Farm School kids. As we make plans for some summer classes with kiddos, I was circling back to what this past fall was like. I am still so grateful for the chance to share farm life with each of our Farm School kids. I’ve gotten to know these kids and seen them grow for the last year. Truthfully, their mommas have become good friends and their families, ones we look forward to seeing.

Last fall, we took the time to Indigo Dye here at the farm. Taking the time to see each child get creative was special but watching them in awe over the colors the fibers took on was even more fun. Using natural linen fiber, each kiddo got to dye napkins for later use at home. The little kids were all in, watching the bright green oxidize into a rich blue as I helped them create some cool designs. The older kids soaked it all in and I got to be hands off as they created their own patterns, learning from their previous folds to create new ones.

Connecting with kids for farm school has brought a new level of understanding and open mindedness to this group I’ve gotten to spend time with. I’ve watched them be grossed out by manure to stomping through it. I’ve seen them be horrified by the concept of butchering to picking out meat in the case in the store. Honestly, it has given me immense hope. In a world that is so far removed from food production, this little slice of connection has been good for my soul.

This spring, we had brought kids to see the fresh new lambs and learn about the birth process. We’re excited to explore more options for things like a summer “Farm Camp” and I am thankful for every parent who trusted me to provide a safe space for their kids to learn, grow and thrive. 🙂

Thanks to Allison Colacurcio for the photography!

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