Moving Petunia in the the Parlor

I took the time this week to move Petunia into the parlor. I have absolutely loved milking in my little dairy shed but with the weather the way it is, it was time to move into a place I could keep cleaner. The cement floor means less debris and milking with a machine means less possibility of contamination during our muddiest time of the year.

One day, I’d love to change up this setup, removing the little “coop” we have used in years passed as a place to let broody hens do their thing. But, for now, I’m back to using the tie stall and feeding her while she eats. This step also keeps the horses from trying to steal her dinner.

I am nostalgic and missing the sweet sound of the milk hitting the pail but I know this is the best choice for us right now. Later on, I’ll have to write up a post sharing my experiences with the various kinds of milking machines out there. I currently use a simple pulse but only because the 1960’s pump that ran my Nupulse gave up the ghost. (It was also so loud that it shook the floor of my parlor!)

Until we have the time to really dig into this space and revamp it, it works! For now, that’s all that matters.

Happy Milking, Brianna

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