Our Livestock

We pride ourselves on the animals we raise and the transparency at which we do so. Our livestock are all grown with the utmost care, attention to detail and love (whether they like it or not) from our 3 children. Our goal is for your what goes into your freezer to be a superior product while maintaining humane and stress free operations throughout our livestocks lives.


We focus on raising superior genetics for a premium meat from our herd of both red and black Angus cattle. Raised on the lush grasses of our pastures and finished with a locally sourced steam flaked barley, we pride ourselves on great marbling and incredible flavor. Our meat is dry aged for a minimum of 16 days, farther enhancing the flavor and tenderness of our already superior beef. Our attention to detail in this process is what really sets our beef apart. Raised without added hormones or GMO’s.


We began raising sheep for their wool, pelts and meat. Being a heritage breed, your meat cuts are a bit smaller but they make up for it in tender, mild flavored meat that melts in your mouth. Grown strictly on grass, our lamb is something you simply have to try!


Our heritage cross pigs spend their days rooting, wallowing in the sun and enjoying all the forage they can get from our PNW forest. We raise our pigs in their natural habitat of the woods, supplementing with a high quality feed sourced from a local mill. These pigs produce a beautiful bright red meat with excellent marbling.


Our chickens spend their days grazing the fresh pastures we move them to daily. Foraging for seeds, bugs and grasses, these birds grow quickly. They are supplemented with organic grains that are grown right here locally. We offer truly pasture raised chicken, from animals that spend their days outside as nature intended. Our chicken is seasonal, meaning our inventory is limited. Our chicken season is exclusive to the warmer month from May – September.


High in quality, our egg yolks are a rich orange color that holds firm- a testament to the health of the hens diet. The shells come in shades of brown, blue, green and white, making our cartons a fun surprise! Our hens spend their entire day foraging, scratching and enjoying the lush pastures of our PNW farm, while our roosters spend their days watching over them.