Farm School at Widnor Farms

Hands on learning for little & future farmers.

Farm School is currently on hold. We have LOVED hosting these classes but are going to enjoy our summer with our young kids. Thanks for understanding!

We’re excited to share the farm with your kids. In the last year, we’ve tackled all sorts of hands on topics from lambing & bottle feeding the fresh babies to meeting a newly born dairy calf & learning about milk production! We tackled sheep shearing and fiber arts, beeswax candle making and rotational grazing. Each session is geared towards seasonal learning about homesteading & ranch life topics. As a family of young kids, we understand the challenges of finding engaging outdoor enrichment activities that we can trust to be wholesome, fun and without worry. We’re opening the door (and the virtual door, too!) to share real farm life with your family. Brianna has formed a program with a mix of both formal and informal classes that engages kids in a one of a kind program. Your kiddos will have a front row seat to a working farm as we move through the seasons here on the ranch and offer a new topic each season. Space is very limited so don’t wait!

When: TBD


What: 1-2 hour farm school activity geared around that months topic.

NEW: Virtual Program! Access to a monthly, 30 minute video lesson geared towards this months Farm School Classes

Where: Right here at Widnor Farms in Custer or through our virtual school program!

Cost: TBD

“Having always loved children, I could not imagine a better way to spend my time than pouring into the kids in our community who have a special love for farm life. We have a lot planned but more than anything, I can promise you that your kids little hearts and imaginations will be nurtured, loved and encouraged where our goal is to foster a love for agriculture.”

Farm School FAQ’s:

Where will classes be held?

All classes will begin at the Hog Barn near the Ranch Store at Widnor Farms.

How much will classes be?

$135 for in person or $50 for virtual. Payment includes class enrollment for 3 month session as well as access to all virtual lessons released during the session.

How big will the classes be?

We are limiting our class size to no more than 20 kiddos at this time.

What if my kiddo has a sibling not in this age group?

These activities are geared towards the age of kids in each time frame. We ask that all younger siblings please not attend.

What should my kid wear?

All children must wear closed toed shoes & are highly recommended to wear boots. Please keep weather in mind. Since this is outdoor school, children will need to have appropriate outside attire for the seasons.

Will I need to stay with my kiddo?

For the safety of your children, we ask that parents (or a guardian) remain with them at all times with our Little Farmers Class. We are a working ranch and it is in the best interest of you and your children. Parents or Guardians of Future Farmers aged kids are welcome to leave their children after the first class.

Am I locked into our membership?

We understand that your schedule might change or you might be unable to attend. Because of this, we have strategically planned high quality virtual classes to supplement those months where you just might not be able to make it! At this time, we cannot refund for missed classes.

What activities will Future Farmers be doing?

We have broken our Farm School year into 3 month sessions and each session with have a new group of topics. Future Farmers will get more hands on experience with the science and biology behind running a farm and caring for livestock each week. We’ve devoted our time to creating class programs that keep them engaged and excited about their opportunities. We’re going to explore soil microbes, plant identification & herbal remedies, egg production & life cycles, cheese making, candle making, livestock handling and farming practices. Our goal is to foster a love for agriculture & sustainability. Future Farmers 13+ will also be eligible to apply for our summer internships in 2023.

*Widnor Farms is a working farm. Farm school falls under WA agritourism laws and as such, holds limited liability.