Farm Business Consultations with Brianna

From navigating logistics to ensuring we were financially successful, Ryan and I have built a sustainable agriculture business in Widnor Farms. And now, we want to share the how-to with you. Whether you’re starting a small hobby farm and wondering about setup or ready to tackle a business selling your goods, I’ve set aside a few hours a month to work with those in the agriculture industry to help avoid the mistakes I made. Brianna attended Washington State University for biochemistry taking additional classes in dairy herd management and animal science as well as additional courses through Oregon State University in Meat Science. Sharing our resources, providing insight to making it all happen and coming up with strategies to make help your farm stand out, I’m here as your personal cheerleader!

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Consultations available for $75 for a 40 minute session via Zoom.

This includes my time, resources and valuable knowledge gained over a lifetime in animal husbandry and extensive background in marketing. A questionnaire will be provided in the booking link to ensure I have the basic info to kick off your call smoothly.

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